Environment: PROD

Sydney Hincher

Events Coordinator

In this picture I am relaxing by the Boston Harbor, one of my family's many stops on a two-week long road trip!

Favorite cookie flavor: Chocolate Chip ā€” a classic!

Favorite thing to bake: Cookie Dessert ā€” a layer of cookies dipped in milk then a layer of whipped topping (there is actually no baking involved, but it is a family favorite!)

On a Friday night Sydney is: Usually spending time with my friends and family. Anything from hiking, kayaking, or just staying in to watch The Office on Netflix.

Who inspires Sydney to #BeAGoodCookie: Iā€™m inspired to Be A Good Cookie® by all children and families who are faced with this awful disease. By working at Cookies, I am able to see the differences we are making in the advancement of creating new, less toxic therapies for kids battling cancer. This progress gives me hope and this hope keeps me inspired to always Be a Good Cookie®!

Contact: sydney@beagoodcookie.org