Environment: PROD

Steve Mendelsohn

Chief Operating Officer

This is a picture of me and my husband, Wallie (on the left) in Paris, our second favorite place on earth after New York City.

Favorite cookie flavor: Chunky Chocolate Chip (honestly, I love, love, love all cookies - but am particularly partial to a good chocolate chip!)

Favorite thing to bake: Baking is not in my repertoire. But appreciating the product of good baking is my specialty - with an emphasis on carrot cake, brownies and -of course - "good cookies."

On a Friday night Steve is: Doing something cultural in NYC - theater, an independent film, or an off-beat performance.

Who inspires Steve to #BeAGoodCookie: I am inspired every day by the people who surround me who face challenges with a smile and courage.

Contact: steve@beagoodcookie.org