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Ann Dang

Finance Team

This is a picture of my family at the sunflower fields in North Carolina! It was a rainy day but the sun came out just long enough for cancer families like mine to have our picture taken!

Favorite cookie flavor: SuperCarter Cookie - the combination of chocolate chips and cranberries make it yummy!

Favorite thing to bake: I love to bake breads- any type from sweet to sourdough and everything in between.

On a Friday night Ann is: At home relaxing with my family - maybe a movie night, a baseball game in the spring time or anything fun we can do together.

Who inspires Ann to #BeAGoodCookie: My son Carter and all the boys and girls battling cancer. We lost our sweet Carter to neuroblastoma after two and a half years of fighting. It was the hardest years of our life and we were devastated to learn that we had run out of treatments to save our son. We want to make sure that no one else has to go through that pain. I'm also inspired by Carter's brother who raises one quarter at a time for pediatric cancer research so no one else losses a brother or sister.

Contact: ann@beagoodcookie.org