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In-Kind Donors

Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ was built on love and the strong desire to create a positive ending to the story for children battling cancer. We appreciate the many individuals, groups and businesses who share our belief that if we all do a little, it will add up to a lot. In-kind donations help ensure funds you raise go where they're most needed - funding research aimed at finding less toxic, more effective treatments for children fighting cancer. We are extremely thankful to the following supporters for sharing their time, talents and resources to help us make a difference.

For more information on ways to support Cookies for Kids' Cancer™, please email emily@beagoodcookie.org.

Donates advertising space each year to help share our story, increase awareness and raise critical dollars for the fight against childhood cancer.

Donated 200 stand mixers to reward #GoodCookie event hosts for raising funds to support childhood cancer research.

Donates 50% of the profits from the sale of every Perry Creamsicle Necklace to Cookies for Kids' Cancer™.

Supports the Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ mission by providing pro-bono legal services.

Serves as the location for bake sales hosted by Bormioli Rocco throughout the year.

Created special line of Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ invitations and continue to inspire Good Cookies everywhere to host an event.

Provides $10,000 per month in Google AdWords grants so we can inspire more people on the web to raise funds for childhood cancer research.

Supplies dough for top tier fundraising events to empower bake sale hosts to reach more supporters and raise more funds for childhood cancer research.

Provides bags of flour for #GoodCookies hosting bake sale fundraisers. Look for our logo on these bags of flour in a grocery store near you!

Donates hand crafted dinnerware from fallen palm leaves to our Chefs for Kids Cancer galas.

Donated 25 Slide-In Flex Duo Oven Ranges to ensure the food came out perfectly at the inaugural Chefs for KidsÂ’ Cancer gala in New York City in 2014.

Provides a wealth of creativity to support Cookies for KidsÂ’ Cancer's brand with the design of our logo, website enhancements and many other projects.

Who says you can't relax and #BeAGoodCookie? Visitors of the Tequila Sunrise Villa donate 10% of the rental cost to Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ and receive a discount.

Donates the boxes that hold our cookies, helping ensure that 100% of all profits go directly to childhood cancer research.