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Our Event Starter Kit has just about everything you need to host a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale or other fundraising event. The event supply kit contains a custom assortment of 250 bags and twist ties perfect for packaging goodies to sell, as well as 360 logo stickers to use on your packages, to hand out to your patrons, or to add to decorations and signage. It also contains 20 brochures that you can hand out to people at your event. The King Arthur Flour coupons will help cut down your baking costs. *The pop-top container pictured is only available during OXO's corporate match window between September and December.

Plus, all kits are shipped FREE of charge, and as always, all profits from this purchase go directly to childhood cancer research. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Quantity Item Suggested Use
1 OXO Pop Container Collecting donations
5 King Arthur Flour Coupons Purchase up to 25 lbs. of flour for baking bake sale treats
20 Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Brochures Hand out to others at your event to spread awareness
100 Small Bags - Sealable Perfect for packaging individual goodies or small event favors
100 Medium Bags Perfect for packing ½ dozen cookies or treats, multi-item party favors, etc.
50 Large Bags Package 1 dozen cookies, or use as event gift bags, promotional item packages, etc.
150 Silver Twist Ties Secure medium and large bags
50 1.5” Stickers Hand out to kids at your event, or put on volunteer t-shirts
200 3” Stickers Brand bake sale goodie bags, favors or gift bags/boxes
5 5” Stickers Brand posters, signs and banners 

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