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Bailey Rae

Bailey Rae

After frequent visits to the pediatricians and emergency room, our Sweet Bailey Ray was admitted to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital because the doctors were concerned with her lack of appetite and distended stomach. An ultrasound showed that she had a small tumor behind her enlarged liver. Another MRI indicated the small tumor was, in fact, a lot larger and wrapped around her spine, which caused the liver to be much larger than normal. A biopsy was immediately scheduled.

Preliminary results showed neuroblastoma. Due to the size and growth, chemotherapy was started immediately because the doctors feared she would lose room to breathe if the growth was not impeded. That same evening, Sweet Bailey Rae received her first of three days of chemo. A few days later the neuroblastoma diagnosis was confirmed. Bailey would be gearing up for the good fight.

Now in November 2014, Bailey Rae is currently undergoing her fourth round of chemotherapy in order to shrink the tumor. She will have a procedure to remove bone marrow for testing, as well as more scans to compare to the images first taken when she was admitted to the hospital. These results will give us a good idea if the current regiment is working or if adjustments are needed in her treatment plan. It is very unlikely that the tumor will ever be removed. The doctors are working to stop the tumor from maturing and go benign.

Bailey Rae is resilient and very strong. She handles the chemo like a champ. We are certain that the power of God's healing hands and constant prayer will push Bailey through this tough time. She has been an inspiration to so many already, and we think she is headed for greatness.