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World, meet Hannah, one very special Warrior Princess. Hannah loves dressing up as a princess, singing and dancing and just being a kid. Hannah can light up any room with her smile and infectious personality but has endured more than she should have in her 4 years.

Hannah’s fight against B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia began at the age of 2 back in September 2017 after complaining of leg and back pain.  After a third visit to the pediatrician and some blood work, Hannah and her family were sent straight to the Emergency Room after receiving the news no parent ever wants to hear “your child has cancer'', just a day shy of her sister Blaire’s first birthday.  October 2019, after roughly 160 weeks of treatment will be the much-anticipated last month of Hannah’s regimen.  For Hannah and her family, this was not something they ever imagined would happen to them. 

Now more than ever we know how important funding advancements in pediatric cancer research is, and we hope by telling Hannah’s story and the stories of other children currently fighting-- will encourage everyone to join us in the fight to end Childhood Cancer.