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Taylor Watts was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma on October 10, 2002 at 20 months old, after a 2 month battle with many doctors. No one believed us as young, 1st time parents that something was wrong. We persisted and saw doctor after doctor, anyone we could get in to see. Finally, a pediatrician in our practice took notice and started the ball rolling and we had a diagnosis.

Surgery was done on 10/15/02 and chemo started a week later. 6 rounds of chemo, stem cell transplant and 15 rounds of radiation to the head and abdomen were completed at Children's and UAB in Alabama. We then traveled to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) for 3f8 antibody treatment. Taylor hama'd after 3 rounds of 3f8. He retested and 2 months later was able to receive a 4th and final dose. 

In May of 2003, he was declared NED (No Evidence of Disease)!! In December of 2003, he finished his final rounds of 3f8 and Acutane to complete treatment. He continued to scan in MSKCC for 2 years then it was agreed that all testing could be done in Alabama and results shared with MSKCC, who continue to follow him even now. 

Taylor is now 16 years old! He will start his junior year in high school in a week. He drives an orange jeep that is his baby! He is thriving! We are nearing the 15th anniversary of diagnosis! Just had the 14th anniversary of stem cell and NED! Other than some minute learning issues that only call for extra time and a visit with special ed teacher for help and a small size (only 5'4"), he is doing fabulous!!! Our God is so good and we are so blessed! God was working and lead us where we needed to be every step of the way. 

We are well aware of how blessed we are and Praise Him daily! We hope that Taylor's story can be a beacon of hope for all those coming behind us.