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Dylan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on February 24, 2014 at Scottish Rite Hospital. The cancer began in his right femur, extending just below his hipbone to his knee. After his diagnosis, he had a bone scan, CT scan, upper GI tests, echo, EKG, MRI, blood work and hearing tests.

His treatment began with 10 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by surgery to remove the tumor and part of the femur bone, and an additional 20 weeks of chemotherapy. Dylan had to go through a rotationplasty operation and learn how to walk again with a prosthetic leg. In late August, with about seven weeks of chemo treatments remaining, we were shocked to find out that Dylan's cancer had spread - this time to his arm. The cancer had moved to his scapula and also to one rib on his right side. It caused a pathological fracture in his arm. We had to tell our poor 13-year old son that his cancer had spread. He told us he was ready to fight, but he said doctors could not remove his arm. He did not want to live without an arm and a leg.

Dylan was forced to start a new form of chemo immediately after this report and ended the second cycle in early October. The doctors did a scan and we were given good news that the tumor in the right arm is shrinking. We are thankful for this and awaiting reports on the cancer on his rib and scapula. Dylan will continue chemotherapy in hopes the tumors will continue to shrink.

Dylan needs prayers as he continues this journey. He and too many children are facing this battle. We appreciate so many of our friends who are supporting organizations such as Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Several of Dylan's friends hosted a bake sale recently to raise funds for much-needed new treatments. Thanks to everyone helping in this fight.