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As told by Colin’s mom, Andrea:

January 12, 2012 was the saddest day of our lives.  Our baby boy Colin was called to heaven.  He had just turned 2 in December, and his symptoms had started the previous month.  He was having a hard time sleeping, a bit irritable and not eating a whole lot.  After a few weeks, I took Colin to the doctor.  The pediatrician thought he had a common cold.  Shortly after, Colin started spitting up clear mucous every day; he became more clingy than normal and wouldn’t let anyone hold him but me.  The blood work they had taken showed nothing out of the ordinary either.  By the end of December and three more doctor’s visits, Colin wasn’t eating and I was giving him juice through a medicine dropper because he couldn’t drink or keep anything down.  So, on January 10th, I decided to take him directly to the closest hospital.  They had him transported right away to Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte.  After sharing what Colin had been experiencing with the doctor there, they decided to do a CT scan.  Sadly, the doctor came back into the room to tell us that Colin had a large mass at the base of his brain.  The next step was to do an MRI and come up with a plan to fight it.  Unfortunately, he never got that chance.  Our angel never regained consciousness after the MRI and had a stroke early in the morning.  Letting him go was the hardest thing we’d ever done. 

We miss Colin so much.  He was so lovable, cuddly, and full of energy. He loved Yo Gabba Gabba and Mickey and Minnie.  He loved his older brother, Andrew, and reading time with Daddy. He was Mommy’s shadow.  He had the smile of an angel and a contagious laugh.  He may not be here, but his spirit and memory are forever in our hearts. 

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