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We noticed a small mass in our sweet Jonah's neck just before he turned 2-months-old. After his 2-month checkup, we were initially told it was a lymph node. It wasn't until a different physician looked at the mass when he was about 4-months-old that it was identified as a tumor.

After his first CT scan, we were overjoyed to be told it was an innocent muscle tumor, but our relief was short-lived. Jonah awoke the next morning with a dramatic change in his left eye. His pupil was constricted and eyelid drooped significantly. This sudden appearance of Horner's Syndrome (nerve damage caused by the tumor's pressure) expedited his ultimate diagnosis of Neuroblastoma.

During his biopsy, much of the tissue was removed, but surgical removal of the remaining tumor was too risky. Jonah had a PICC line inserted (to administer chemo drugs), and went through two rounds of in-patient chemotherapy.

He was so tired, but he had a smile for every nurse and loved clanging his PICC against the metal hospital crib. It wasn't until a few weeks post-treatment that we got to know the energetic and giggly baby he really is; we realized how poorly he must have felt. He recently had his 3-month post-treatment scan, and we're thrilled to say that all remains clear!

Without the medical research of the past few decades, we don't know how Jonah's story may have changed. We pray that advances will continue to be made for all families facing the uncertainty and fear of cancer.