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On May 12th, 2006, we learned that Nick, then 8, had Neuroblastoma. His symptoms were a low grade fever and a tummy ache. Several doctors misdiagnosed his illness and one told his mother she was over reacting when she pressed for more tests. Nick's initial prognosis was grim, and we immediately began searching for treatment options. We were fortunate to find MSKCC in NYC with a full team solely focused on neuroblastoma.

Thanks to cutting edge treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City, Nick is now 17 years old, which makes him A NINE YEAR SURVIVOR!

Nick was able to tolerate multiple severe treatments which included a mouse based antibody invented at MSKCC . Unfortunately, not all children are able to accept the treatment that saved Nick so we are aggressively trying to raise funds in an effort to create alternative treatments that can save more children. We want to find a cure for all children diagnosed and fighting this nasty disease.

Please help us in this fight!