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Emberlee This is Emberlee, our very silly, creative little girl, waiting for her turn in the lab to get her CBC (Complete blood counts). She was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma after her doctor noticed swelling in her bones and she complained of pain.

She has a tumor in her right femur, and is being treated at Texas Children's Cancer Center and MD Anderson with both proton therapy and chemotherapy. She is 6 years old and, despite treatments, periods of fatigue and bone pain, remains very active.

She is very driven to host her "cookie sales" with friends, as well as participate in other charity work. She loves to draw with oil pastels, mostly sunsets and butterflies, and she enjoys swimming, reading and writing stories. She plans to be a microbiologist, a unicorn farmer or the Tooth Fairy when she grows up. She says she will decide when it's time for college.

For now she just wants to "help people and get better." Emberlee is the only girl of our four children, but she has claimed a few fellow patients at the hospital as her "sisters." She says "come on people, help our doctors save more children!"

To the wonderful people hosting events and working hard to find cures with funds raised, we would like to thank you and encourage you to continue. Because, like Emberlee's favorite writer once said, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not."- Dr. Seuss

It is our privilege to host events for Cookies for Kids' Cancer as a family, and to give back to the cancer community. We encourage anyone who can to do the same! After all, we do care a whole awful lot about our Emberlee and her "sisters"! She had a wonderful time baking and is already planning her next one!