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On November 1st, our lives changed forever when we received the devastating news that our 6-year-old daughter, Gia, was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. We were shocked since she was always so healthy and active, and this is something we never could imagine would happen to our little girl. There are more questions then answers from doctors regarding the cause of this disease.  Even though we are in the beginning of our journey, we have much hope because of the break throughs in research at Sloan Kettering in the last few years. Pediatric cancer is underfunded and needs your help to keep making progress to beat this monster. Gia is a cheerleader, girl scout and loves to help others. She has a beautiful spirit and energy to her. Her smile is contagious and her compassionate nature is inspiring. Anyone that meets her loves her and her heart of gold. When she grows up she is going to be a scientist and hopes to help others. We are blessed to have so much support from family, friends and the community to guide us through this.