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Jaelyn Holmes

Why were you inspired (or who inspired you) to get involved with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

I was inspired, because one of my very special little girl I know has cancer and she is four-years-old. Therefore, I wanted to raise money in her honor and for other children to help them, while they fight this tough battle. 


Share your favorite memory or favorite thing from hosting an event.

One of my favorite memories of doing a bake sale was getting together with my friends and seeing all the people come out and support my fundraising efforts. I raised over 2,000 dollars in one weekend!


Why do you think it’s important to Be a Good Cookie?

I believe it is important to be a good cookie, because you are not only raising money for funding cancer treatment, but you're helping other kids. The kids might not be in your own community, but you are giving to them all around the world.


Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

Something else I would like to share with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, is that you don't always have to do something for yourself, it is important to help and give hope to other people when they really need it. I am happy I am able to participate in CFKC Good Cookie Challenge for Rhode Island!