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Miller Kunz

Why were you inspired (or who inspired you) to get involved with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

I decided to host my own bake sale because I had helped a friend in my class at a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale and it was really fun. A lot of our friends and neighbors bought cookies.

Share your favorite memory or favorite thing from hosting an event.
The best thing about my bake sales has been exceeding my fundraising goal each time.

Why do you think it’s important to Be a Good Cookie?
It's important to be a good cookie because if lots of people keep having bake sales, maybe there will be a cure for pediatric cancer.

What would you tell other kids who are interested in hosting their own event?

It's really easy to host a bake sale!  The best advice I can give someone who wants to host a bake sale is to  pick a good date and location. I wanted to host one for my birthday so I picked our neighborhood yard sale because there would be lots of foot traffic.  I advertised to my school by posting flyers and going on the morning news show. Lots of friends helped by donating cookies and volunteering at the bake sale. It has been so successful that I've hosted a bake sale for my birthday for three years so far I'm planning to do it every year!