Environment: PROD

Madeline Rinkacs

North Attleboro, MD

I am a person who lives each day to its fullest and doesn't let challenges interfere with my dreams. I consider life a gift and want to do everything I can to help other children get the chance to enjoy it just like me. So, when my mom told me about Cookies for Kids Cancer I knew that I could help children while doing my favorite thing, bake cookies!

I told everyone I knew about my bake sale to benefit pediatric cancer research, and they were all excited to see me support a good cause. I told people about my bake sale, but now I had to actually bake the cookies. I made every batch of cookies from scratch with the help of my mom and Aunt Lauren. I made sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, M&M cookies, dog biscuits, chocolate white chocolate cookies, butter cookies and my Aunt Lauren made sugar and spice cookies.

After all the cookies were done my dad and two brothers, Jacob and Thomas, would make sure each flavor cookie were up to their standards. They tasted them and weren't afraid to state their opinion. My mom and I packaged each set of cookies and decorated our dining room for my bake sale. Then on the day of my bake sale I got up early and made sure everything was perfect. And right at 2:00 people were ringing our doorbell!

I was so excited that people came to buy my cookies, and by 3:30 I was sold out of cookies! The first year I had my bake sale I raised $350 and the second year $425. I am 13 years old and raised $775 so that someday other children will be healthy enough to start their own bake sale. Next year I plan to double my bake sale with the help of my new Breville mixer.

I was so excited to find out that Breville gave me a mixer so I can make more cookies to save more children with cancer. I set my mind to a goal and I accomplished it and for that I am proud of myself and for all the other kids who are having their own bake sales. Baking does take practice but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't start your own bake sale today! And you can start helping children to get the chance to enjoy life just like me!