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Sean & Austin

Why were you inspired (or who inspired you) to get involved with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

Austin: We were inspired because Kieran is our teammate and friend. And our Coach is always telling us and has always taught us to lead, give back, and look out for each other. It was only natural for us our friend and teammate to give back.

Sean: I was inspired by a fellow wrestler and friend of mine, Kieran Hathaway. He inspired me because he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and is currently cancer free. He is always living life to the fullest.

Share your favorite memory or favorite thing from hosting an event.

Austin: My favorite thing from hosting the event was seeing our whole team come together and support Kieran and each other.

Sean: My favorite memory was seeing how many people cared and helped towards our cause. Another great thing about the event was how much of an impact it had on others.

Why do you think it’s important to Be a Good Cookie?

Austin: It’s important to be a good cookie because as my coach always says it takes a village to make us all good. His favorite phrase is,"it's about we not me."

Sean: I think it is important because others care about the cause and want to help too. Recently I was invited to a fellow wrestler and friends party where you wanted to ask for donations as well after attending our party he was inspired to follow in our efforts to help kids with pediatric cancer this past weekend.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer?

Austin: We just had a great time helping our friend!

Sean: Yes, it was a great experience because I got to spend time with my friends and help support a great cause. Recently I was excepted into the national Junior honor Society (NJHS) where as a part of my except Ince was that to pick a community service project for my chapter to participate in. This project would involve not only my charger but all the chapters from neighboring schools did come together for a community fund raising event which would help fight pediatric cancer and and all proceeds going to Cookies for Kids' Cancer.