Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Lillian Lin

I am a 44-year-old Mom of a 2-year old boy living in NYC. My first experience with CFKC was at a volunteer baking event In NYC several years ago. A close mutual friend of both Gretchen and I wanted us to meet, since her son Liam was battling Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, and I was an adult survivor of the same disease. I will never forget Gretchen's reaction at meeting me.

She asked me if my hair and teeth were real (they are), because doctors had told her about the various severe side effects for children who undergo chemo and radiation at a young age. Her amazement that I had grown into adulthood, looked "normal", and was living a full life was very touching to me.

I always knew I was very lucky to have survived Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, but seeing it from a Gretchen's point of view made it even more poignant. The more I learned about CFKC and what Gretchen and Larry had already done and were continuing to do, the more I wanted to get involved with this amazing organization.

One of my favorite moments with CFKC was hosting a charity birthday spin ride with all proceeds going to CFKC. Before the ride, Gretchen spoke to the group about Liam and the organization, which was a great motivator. The ride was tears mixed with sweat mingled with hope. My friends were more than willing to endure the 45-minute workout, and in the end we raised $3,000 that night!

For me, being a Good Cookie Ambassador means to always raise awareness for CFKC – what it stands for, its importance and accomplishments, and how it differs from the many charities out there raising money for cancer prevention and treatment.

One of my favorite quotes is "Gone is the Life, but never the Light". I think that applies to Liam. His spirit and memories will always live on in CFKC. He would be so proud to know what his family has accomplished with this organization – the kids they have helped and the lives they will save.