Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Allison Schlanger

I got involved with CFKC because of Gretchen, Larry, Ella and especially - Liam Witt. Liam went to preschool with my older boys, Sam and Ari. He also spent many happy days at our indoor play space, apple seeds. I would say that Liam was Sam and Ari's friend but that would only be part of the story. Liam was Sam and Ari's friend and mine and my husband's friend. He was the type of kid that changed the energy of any room he entered – in a great way. He spoke to (and charmed) anyone and everyone, hugged with so much love and played with abandon.

Because of Liam, I will never look at scooters or the color orange the same way again. My favorite moments of our CFKC bake sales consist of watching Sam, Ari and our little guy, Dov, and all of Liam's friends, bake and wrap treats, make signs, stand behind the table selling away, grabbing baskets of cookies to hit the city streets to make all they can to honor their beloved friend and the kids battling now.

I am constantly overwhelmed and blown away by Gretchen and the women and men that I have worked with on bake sales and fundraising. What they manage to accomplish…they truly move mountains. I am inspired by them daily. To be a Good Cookie Ambassador and be in a group that honors them is an incredible privilege.

Inspiration comes from so many different places. It comes from natural beauty, love, kids, art…I can go on forever. I learned through losing Liam, and other loved ones, that inspiration comes from loss as well. The type of loss the Witt family has endured is unthinkable. No other family should know that type of loss. We have to use that as fuel to keep on working for other children and their families and friends. That is the motivation.