Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Stacey Tavel

Millburn/Short Hills, NJ

Stacey Tavel

I'm honored to serve as a Good Cookie Ambassador. I first got involved with Cookies for Kids' Cancer three years ago when a friend of mine told me about the charity. She suggested that our Girl Scout troop hold a bake sale, and when I began my research on the Cookies for Kids' Cancer website and Facebook pages, I was sold right away!

As a pediatrician who has worked with children with cancer, and as a mother who knows how deep a parent's love can run, when I started reading about the charity, I felt such a strong connection and I knew that I wanted to hop on board and help out in full force. I was so impressed by the research studies funded by CFKC, and humbled by the idea that baking cookies truly can help others.

I most connected to the phrase "Kids helping kids" and was amazed by pictures of children doing what they can to make the world a better place. I teamed up with two other impressive women in my town and the first year we held a Family Fun Day that raised $1,500. The experience was so rewarding for us, that the next year we decided to recruit bake sale organizers across our town to hold events at all five local elementary schools and many preschools.

This year we organized 20 events in our community and raised close to $15,000. Our Family Fun Day and Bake Sale was a blast- families spent the day enjoying a talented list of performances, while we raised awareness about Cookies for Kids' Cancer. My most rewarding moments have been watching my friends pour their hearts and souls into their individual bake sales at their elementary and preschools. It's amazing how much we can accomplish as a community when so many people work together towards a common goal.

As team leaders of the Millburn-Short Hills Cookies for Kids' Cancer team, Elyse, Carrie and myself thrive with our "just say yes" attitudes. If someone in our community suggests a good idea, we help make it happen. When we hit a roadblock, we get creative and keep going. By organizing this town wide effort, I'm hoping that my children will learn that there is nothing more important than figuring out what you are passionate about, and making an idea come to life.