Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Alison Berna

I am involved with Cookies for Kids Cancer quite simply because I deeply miss Liam. I had the good fortune to really get to know Liam, he went to preschool with my daughters, Maddie and Sydney. We all learned from Liam. We adored Liam. And we all continue to Love Like Liam.

We called Liam the "mayor of apple seeds," the indoor play space where my husband Bobby and I work with our business partners Allison and Craig. Our staff knew him, our families knew him and he was known for his smile, his ability to talk to anyone and, of course, his orange scooter.

When Liam died, we all deeply felt the cruelty of cancer. His mother Gretchen's strength was something that moved me in such a way that I knew I would forever help her in her fight. Gretchen, Larry and Ella took their pain and turned it into something so powerful - something that is actually saving the lives of children. Watching their strength in that time of pain, I vowed that I would give everything I could to help them and Cookies for Kids' Cancer. I want to help them so that other families do not have to lose their child in this unfair and unfathomable way.

Every year, we host a bake sale at apple seeds, and our Chelsea/Flatiron community gets involved, even the youngest ones like my four-year-old son, Jack, who never got the chance to meet Liam. I love seeing the tremendous impact of these bake sales, but even more than the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised, I enjoy seeing the spirit of our community and the awareness that it brings. It makes finding a cure seem possible.

This year, in addition to our annual bake sale, my nine-year-old daughters, Maddie and Sydney, ran a 5k with their friends, Ari and Sam, and raised over $11,000 for Cookies. If four young children can raise that much support in only a couple of weeks, imagine what we can do if we all join the fight together.

Often, when I look for guidance, I find myself asking Liam to send me his happy energy. My involvement in Cookies for Kids' Cancer is to thank him for this guidance. It's for Gretchen, Larry and Ella, so that they know I will forever help them and remember him. And it's for the many families with children affected by cancer who now have hope.