Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Tina Beattie


I read about Cookies for Kids' Cancer in a parenting magazine and was blown away by the story of these parents, who when faced with such an incredible challenge, set out to help others. Liam's legacy of love is such an inspiration!

My husband and I had helped fundraise for a local pediatric cancer group in our restaurants and I felt like Cookies may be our chance to do something larger, to have a greater impact. This is our 3rd year raising funds in our restaurants by selling paper Cookies to our guest to put on the wall in support of Cookies - letting our wonderful guests know about the cause and letting them be a "Good Cookie". Our staff has embraced this and looks forward to our event every year and each year they get more creative in getting the message out and more competitive with one another to see who will raise the most money!

It is so wonderful to not only raise much needed funds for research but to also get the opportunity to spread the word about the cause of finding a cure. Many people don't realize the devastating impact of this disease and that there is a way we can all rally to put an end to it.

My favorite moment was getting a guest comment through our 800 line from a mother in Rochester, NY. Her child was battling cancer and she walked into our restaurant with Cookies all over the walls, and green and white balloons and pictures of Liam all around, and told us it gave her strength to know her and her family were not alone in their fight. We set out to spread the word and raise funds but didn't expect to touch someone on such a personal individual level.

Being a good Cookie Ambassador means so much! I have such love for this organization and for this cause, that to be considered an ambassador is an honor that is beyond humbling. These brave children inspire me daily, our office is filled with their pictures and stories, to remind us all of the work that remains to be done. I am unbelievably thankful for the opportunity to work with this amazing organization.