Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Kate Meyers


I was writing a story for Cooking Light about people who give back and use food to do it. That's when I found out about the amazing Gretchen Holt and that's how I learned about Cookies for Kids' Cancer. It is such an amazing organization and I can't imagine anyone who has children who wouldn't want to help in some way.

Even though I had never held a fundraising event before I trusted that if I put my heart out there, we had a good chance of helping. I had no idea what I was doing but came up with a day (Valentine's) and a way (pre-selling a dozen cookies for $10. to be delivered on Valentine's Day) that I thought would work. I emailed my friends who either jumped in and baked or sent checks in the mail. The response was so uplifting—everyone wanted to help. Our first event was an amazing assembly line of cool kids and beautiful girls filling bags. We raised over $2000. This year, our second, we had more moms and daughters join in and thanks to our match we raised $6000!!

I love how, at the end of the night, everyone thanks ME for allowing them to take part. I also love how everyone says, "Don't forget to call me next year!" And I love calling my best friend Kate, who lives in Boston, and who lost her son Sam to cancer when he was five, and telling her how much we raised in honor of Sam.

I am honored to be a Good Cookie Ambassador and I hope to make some connections here in Colorado to further the cause. I am inspired by love. I watched my friend go through a nightmare that only parents of critically ill children can understand. I saw how big her heart was and how beautiful and how the magnitude of her love for her Sam made her so incredibly strong.

I feel honored that I can help Cookies for Kids' Cancer make a difference so that there will be a day when none of those beautiful kids and their families will have to face the heartbreak that my friend Kate and her family, and my new friend Gretchen and her family have had to endure.