Environment: PROD

All-Star Ambassador: Terri Krafcik

My daughter Mackenzie, at the age of four, asked one night if we could raise money for sick children, as I was very involved in Relay for Life, she was familiar with fundraising. I responded by saying, "Sure, maybe someday we will host a bake sale." Not really thinking too much about my response, a few days later I saw a Cookies for Kids' Cancer ad in a Food & Wine Magazine. Needless to say, I looked up the website & was truly amazed at all the information that was right at my fingertips.

I decided right then that we would in fact host a bake sale. If we made $100.00, so be it, it would be a great lesson for my daughter, and we would be helping sick children, perfect. After asking about 30 friends and neighbors if they would be willing to bake for us, we hosted our first bake sale at the Elementary school on a Saturday. I really went into it with no expectations. I remember we were not even done setting up & had raised $60.00.

After being at the school for 8 hours & telling my daughter we needed to clean up and go home, she said "Already? I really want to stay longer." There were a few people that asked me if they could bake for me the following year and one man gave me his e-mail & asked if I could please send him my frosting recipe. I was absolutely thrilled to learn that we helped raise $800.00.

Not long after Mackenzie was playing "bake Sale," I heard her say, in response to how much the bakery cost, "whatever you would like to donate". I knew then that all my hard work had paid off in more ways than one. It is hard to believe that this past December, we held our fifth annual Bake Sale, and this time raised $2,000.00. We are already looking forward to next year.