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Be a Good Cookie®

Getting Started

The first step to Be a Good Cookie® is deciding to get involved and raise money for kids fighting cancer. Then the fun can begin. Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ started out inspiring bake sales, but over the past 11 years, supporters have come up with creative and fun ways to Be a Good Cookie®. Host a bake sale or cookie swap, compete in an athletic event, organize a hat day, dress down day or other kind of "give day" at school or the office - the possibilities are unlimited and should be inspired by personal passions and desire to help. Thank you for Being a Good Cookie.

Register Your Event

Once you have decided on the type of event you want to host, please REGISTER with us. Once you register, we can give you support and tips to make every step of the planning and fundraising process simple and fun.

The Details

  • The Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ team is here to help! We have ideas and encouragement to offer you every step of the way.
  • Give your event a Good Cookie feel by using our tools & templates.
  • Create a special Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ Evite® to share details of your event with friends and family.
  • And don't forget to REGISTER with us -- we'll help promote your event and provide exclusive resources only available to registered bake sale hosts.

Inspiring Good Cookie Stories...

Boonton Township Annual Bake Sale

Every year, Good Cookie Sue Turi-Ananian organizes a bake sale at Boonton Township's annual Lacrosse tournament, an event the entire community looks forward to attending. The first bake sale was held in 2011, and they have raised more than $10,000 for childhood cancer since! Sue involves the whole community - Girl Scouts use their cookie-selling expertise, local kids push wagons filled with goodies around the field and everyone enjoys coming together beforehand to decorate and paint signs. Be inspired by Sue and her group of Good Cookies to sign up to host a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale today!

Millburn Good Cookies

Since 2012, a dedicated group of Good Cookies in Millburn, NJ has organized a city-wide bake sale during the month of May. They have inspired schools, individuals and nearly 30 businesses around the community to get involved, and their efforts have raised $50,000 for childhood cancer research to date! This team is led by a local pediatrician and Good Cookie Ambassador Stacey Tavel. Be inspired by the Milburn Good Cookies and sign up to host a Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale today!

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap is an annual event that brings together food bloggers from around the world in celebration of scrumptious treats, as well as to support Cookies for Kids' Cancer. Organized by Love & Olive Oil's Lindsay Landis and The Little Kitchen's Julie Deily, the idea is simple – and the difference adds up.

By encouraging bloggers to create and swap recipes, the Cookie Swap raised $14,000 in the 2013 holiday season alone! Click here to read our sweet and simple HOW-TO for you to organize your own cookie swap – any time of year.

Annual Boston Cookie Exchange

Each December, The Boston Food Swap group organizes an holiday cookie exchange to raise money for Cookies for Kids' Cancer. The annual event gets bigger and better each year, and in 2013, nearly 6,000 cookies were swapped by 100 participants. The Glad Products Company matched $1 for each cookie swapped, bringing in $6,000 for childhood cancer research in one day!

Calabasas High School - Cookies for Kids' Cancer Club

The involvement we've all had with Cookies For Kids’ Cancer has been astounding and we could never have imagined that a single charity could have such an big impact on our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

Be inspired to start your own club, group or team today - It's fun and we make it easy!

Christina Hebda

Christina Hebda and a team of employees from OMD in Los Angeles hosted their 4th annual office bake sale for Cookies in May 2014. They baked and packaged treats to sell, and set up a table to offer the goodies to others throughout the office in exchange for donations.

Kimberly Gearhart & Sabra Beatty, Ernst & Young

I absolutely love to bake! Anytime I get some free time, I am in the kitchen testing a new recipe or flipping cooking magazines looking for new recipes to try. I have done a small amount of charity baking in the past, but really wanted 2013 to be a year that I got more involved. When I came across the Cookies for Kids' Cancer site, I knew this was the one. The inspirational stories tugged at my heart. I immediately approached my company and asked how we could make this happen.