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Molly Goldfarb


Molly Goldfarb is an independent, NYC-based studio artist best known for her vibrant acrylic and digital paintings. Her pop-meets-punk aesthetic- colorful in both appearance and gesture- comes to life in a wide range of subject matter including free-association portraits, imagined "scenes" placed against the backdrop of the contemporary United States and visual field notes from her travels. As evidenced by her early participation in the ever-growing field of digital art, Molly embraces the evolving means by which the traditional acts of painting and drawing can be visually communicated. Be it on an odd-shaped canvas or on a computer screen, she achieves her clean line work by hand- forgoing stencils or smart tablets- with the stroke of a brush or with the movement of her finger against her laptop keypad. Molly began her artistic career after graduating from New York University with a History degree in 2014 and has since gained notice through her participation in major art fairs such as the LA Art Show, CONTEXT, SPECTRUM Miami and Superfine. She remains prolific and continues to exhibit her work in wide variety of fairs, gallery exhibitions and pop-ups throughout the country.


Instagram: @createdangerously