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John Grayson


John Grayson is a northern New Jersey/NYC based graphic/web designer and printmaker/mixed media artist. He holds a BFA, with a focus on graphic design and printmaking, from Rowan University.



John employs appropriation through the use of pop culture references, ideas and images, that influenced him as a child of the 1980s, in combination with graphic design elements such as typography and disposable utilitarian items (items created for a specific single purpose such as product manuals, lottery tickets, hand written grocery shopping lists, receipts and product packaging). He applies fine art techniques, such as hand painting, collage, emulsion transfer and silk screening, to those images and ideas to create the final artwork.



By combining both his graphic design and fine art backgrounds, he hopes to create artwork that feels old, familiar and worn yet at the same time feels fresh, clean and new.



website: www.con-art.com

Instagram: @conartstudio