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Vinnie Ray


Providence RI artist Vinnie Ray is best known for his street-art work that came to life while living in Brooklyn, New York. Through stickers and posters, he reclaims public space to promote positive vibrations, and prompt thought energy.  With this guiding viewpoint, his work weaves across formats of installation art, street art, and studio art.  The concept of the work dictates the format that is used.


His work has been shown along the spectrum of museums, to all night warehouse parties. Vinnie Ray has continued to pursue art that is accessible at the street level.  His public installations have been sponsored by PVD A.C.T, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Manhattan Art Fund, and The Brooklyn Arts Council.  His street art campaigns (stickers, flags, posters) have generated interest worldwide.  His work is featured in the seminal books “The Art of Rebellion” and “Izastickup” as well as magazines such as Vapors, Animal, and Beautiful Decay.  This work led him to create several T-shirt lines for Prada. 


Website: www.vinnieray.art

Instagram: @vinnieray401