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Jonathan Fritz


In 1996, Jonathan Fritz introduced is intricate, artistic style to New York City, where he established his unique combination of tribal art and cartoon graffiti. Much of Fritz’s work has since been inspired by childhood memories and greatly significant relationship of the artist’s past and present. To say Fritz’s paintings just capture the eye is an understatement. Fritz’s whimsical and pop-figurative images are brought to life through his unique, textured style of painting. The artistic-emotional rage of Fritz’s images makes for artwork that truly captures viewer’s spirit and the viewer’s heart, a concept that has not gone unnoticed by the contemporary artistic community.


Within just a few years on the scene, Fritz has been commissioned to paint a number of murals for both private residences, businesses and public space projects. Fritz has painted for several distinctive New York City hotspots, such as the CBGB’s and Limelight nightclub. In 2003, he was commissioned to paint a mural on The Red Lion Pub in Greenwich Village (Bleeker and Thompson St.) and is still presently photographed daily. In 2005, Fritz was a featured artist in Van Der Plas Gallery Review, and honor that established his international status. He has since exported paintings to England, Turkey, Italy and Germany. Fritz was also the first artist to ever be issued in Urban Molecule magazine.


Jonathan Fritz no only utilizes his canvas to create elaborate, fantasy-filled dreamscapes for his viewers, but also to create hope and support for various causes he holds close to his heart. Over the past several decades, Fritz has been honored with the invitation to donate paintings for many charitable events benefiting causes such at 2005 Tsunami relief and Hurricane Katrina relief. With the donation of his artwork, Fritz has had the great opportunity to aid 9/11 burn victims at the FDNY Burn Center and to help feed New York City’s gay and lesbian homeless community. Fritz’s artistic donations also helped fund the materials to build 200 new homes in South African Shanty towns. Fritz also participated in Goldman Sachs’ volunteer day where he, with the help of 300 children created a five-canvas mural. Recently Fritz volunteered to coordinate and participate as the solo artist for the United Services Center for Autism fundraiser in Northeastern, CT. Fritz has spent years tutoring children with behavioral problems and perhaps one of his most honorable achievements is his use of artwork as a means to help his students find a sense of personal creativity and self-confidence.


Through his artwork, Fritz is continuously responding to the world around him. His work continues to grow and change in ever more promising directions.


“I think my art communicates with people before they even understand it, which makes me very lucky. I’ll never take it for granted”.


Instagram: @jfritz66