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Darren Wolfberg


Darren Wolfberg grew up in Miami, Florida during the 80s and was inspired by the revival of South Beach and its Art Deco Style.  As the son of a Painter/ Interior Designer and an acclaimed Architect, Darren began his studies early on apprenticing for his father’s architecture firm, Wolfberg, Alvarez and Partners.  Darren  continued his studies at the University of Michigan Stamps School for Art and Design where he received a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a focus on Industrial Design.  While in Design School, Darren received the Audi International Design Award as a Finalist in a competition of 400+ entries for designing a next generation Hummer for AM General.  

After college, Darren was hired into Sony’s Design Center in Park Ridge, NJ where he continued to design new products.  He later transferred into Sony’s Venture Capital Group and built one of their first knowledge management systems called Sony Connect.  Darren then left to start a venture-backed software company called Broadform.  Broadform, conceived in 1999, was a web-based computing platform to connect information and applications together so students grades K-12 could access their platform whether at home, at school, at their friend’s house or the library.   Broadform received a grant from the Annenberg Foundation, beat AOL@School in Miami and was on two of five teams in the finals for an NYC RFP which was later cut due to 9/11.  Darren then moved onto the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he ultimately began a career in Finance.  In Finance.  Darren has been able to uniquely leverage his creativity as useful tools for Risk Management and Technical Analysis.  

Since entering Finance, Darren never lost touch of his design roots.  He founded an athletic technology company called FlyClip, where he designed the company’s patented product in the market, and continues to contribute to next generation positioning for the company.  He also helps young entrepreneurs leverage his background in Finance and Design for their creations.  

Bubble Art is just one of the latest ideas Darren has created and commercialized.  Feel free to contact Darren at dwolphy@hotmail.com. 

Instagram: @bubbleart.io