Environment: PROD

Jessie Ross


Jessie Ross has been painting and drawing since kindergarten. From the early ages of 10 to 14, Jessie experimented with many mediums, including charcoal, pure graphite powders, oil pastels, and more. Her love of graphic design not developing until her early high school years, but quickly becoming her favorite medium.


In her personal time, Jessie creates digital portraits and has completed over 25. Each of these portraits was created with the intention of conveying a different mood and emotion, something Jessie has had past struggles with.


Now enrolled in multiple art classes at her high school, Art Studio Three and Graphic Design. Jessie is always experimenting and trying out new techniques, while also being able to stay in a more straightforward graphic design class. In her time in these classes, Jessie has worked with multiple mediums, such as watercolor, acrylic paint, oil pastels, along with a wide variety of new drawing applications.


Jessie’s love of graphic design has been a constant throughout high school. She expects to major in graphic design in college.