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Tomaso Albertini


Artist Tomaso Albertini was born in Milan, Italy (1984) where he attended the La Scuola del fumetto di Milano. He lives and works in New York City. 

His first professional work of large format paintings concentrated on a serious investigation of color. Here he broke free from the confines of illustration, the subject emphasized in his academic training, and began to create emotional projections that served as the foundation of his further development. Guided by instinct, he mixed color on flat surfaces using abstract forms that ultimately revealed figures. 

After this initial period, there was a big change. Albertini began to experiment with new materials. He wanted the work to be more physical - more direct. He introduced the use of burned, melted plastic into the paintings. He has described the process as a defacement of the figure in an effort to dig into the life of the human form. One senses the physical presence of form conveyed by a willful act of transference. 

Albertini than started to create three-dimensional art using cardboard. It allowed him to accomplish the figure as if it were a sculpture and paint on it as if it were a canvas. This technique introduced dynamics approaching sculpture. It is, in fact, a hybrid manifestation. 

When I was 13 years old I became aware of graffiti. It had become popular in Italy. 

I was fascinated by the writings, the use of color, and the movement that was behind it all. Then too, I had a passion for comics and, more specifically, for the figure of the hero. I looked up to great illustrators such as Sergio Toppi. 

The deformation and strength in the work of Francis Bacon totally fascinated me. But, I think my daily inspirations came from cinema and the comic world. 

In my cardboard art pieces I see similarities with the Futurist artists such as Balla and Boccioni. I say this because of the fragmentation of specular imaging and for the use of color. My figures, however, are static like a photo instead of moving. 

My use of cardboard as a medium is a social metaphor. Cardboard is used as a packaging tool for consumer products. It becomes the skin of my figures which in itself enclose the complexities and contradictions of the human heart. 

I think that art today has an important role. It deals, not only with the artist himself, but addresses social and cultural issues. The art can and must change the world.?

Instagram: @tomaso_albertini