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Hugue Dufour

Chef & Owner, M. Wells Steakhouse

Hugue Dufour was found in a snow covered cabbage patch in Alma, Lac St. Jean, Quebec in 1977. The family that raised him introduced Hugue to the finer things of dairy farming. His connection to cows deepened when he learned how to cook beef. Leaving his small town for Montreal, he quickly started and ended a tour in culinary school and began working in kitchens throughout the province, including Toqué and Au Pied de Cochon.

As a partner in Au Pied de Cochon, he was the subject of a documentary, a cookbook album and a tv show. In 2010 he opened M. Wells in Long Island City, a dirty diner which he cleaned up with his wife. The place closed and Hugue has since opened M. Wells Dinette and M. Wells Steakhouse in the same neighborhood.