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Marcio Ramos

Head Bartender, The Honeywell

Born on the Cape Verdean Islands, Marcio Ramos moved to America with his mother and older brother at the age of 4. Growing up in CT, he watched his mother work hard, sometimes having 3 jobs at a time. She instilled in him a hard work ethic and drive; a must in this country to obtain your goals. 
At the age of 13, he began working a neighborhood sport bar as a dishwasher.  In less than a year, he switched to barback & prep cook. By 18, he started working at the United Tech Company as a line cook. It was through these experiences that he realized working with his hands was his calling.   He stayed at the company for 2 years; leaving to pursue a degree in engineering. 
But, his passion remained with the restaurant industry. Upon graduating, he decided to take a mixology course.  Quickly he discerned that mixology was his true calling and he felt that New York was the best place to grow in this industry and make his mark.
His first bartending gig in NY was at Karl Franz Williams 67 Orange Street; a well curated, dimly lit, cocktail bar in Central Harlem.  At the time, Harlem didn’t have many places to get a well-crafted beverage; 67 Orange elevated the scene. He worked there for over 6 years, learning from his peers and perfecting his craft behind the pine. 
In an attempt to expand his experience and knowledge, he also worked in Greenwich Village’s fine dining establishment, Omar’s La Ranita. This was an open palm crash course in fine dining.  It sharpened his skills as a bartender and server. 
Within a year’s time he was asked by one of New York’s Master Mixologist, Greg Seider, to help on a new project, which would become The Manhattan Cricket Club. It was at MCC, under Greg’s watch, that Marcio's personal mixology style began to emerge. Greg was a kitchen-to-table type of person.   He taught Marcio to think outside-of-the-box when it came to crafting cocktails. 
While Marcio continued to love the mixology world, he could not ignore his first love, Harlem.  He focused his energy back on 67 Orange and joined another neighborhood bar, Harlem Public.  Harlem Public offered a different vibe and experience where he could expand his beer and pub knowledge.  They also offered him room to grow.
After two years he was offered to be a head mixologist at a new cocktail bar by the HP group. The Honeywell is his home now; still challenging, with free reign to design a cocktail program that reflects Marcio. When asked what his favorite cocktail is, the answer is always the same; The Vivi con Fuego, his Momma’s namesake.