Environment: PROD

Lee Hanson & Riad Nasr

Chefs & Co-Owners, Frenchette

Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr have experienced the evolution of New York’s food scene from behind the stoves of some of the city’s most iconic and successful restaurants. Cooking together since 1993 where they met as sous chefs as part of the opening team of Restaurant Daniel, Nasr and Hanson went on to open a succession of brasseries that became part of the fabric of New York; Balthazar, Pastis, and then Schillers, followed by Minetta Tavern. Minetta, awarded a Michelin star, received a 3-star review from the New York Times, calling it “the best steakhouse in New York.”  The chefs were broadly recognized for creating the bistro/steakhouse hybrid and for expertly translating classic French cuisine for an of-the-moment New York audience.


With Frenchette, Hanson and Nasr continue their exploration of the past and future of French food as well as the restaurant experience as a whole. Opened in April of 2018, the restaurant was immediately embraced by both critics and the dining public. With reviews that praised the kitchen as “a rare combination of creativity and finesse,”  along with a lively and surprising all-natural wine list, and warmly personal top-notch service, the sum of the parts have added up to what the chefs envisioned: an environment that celebrates a dialogue between food and wine, guests and staff.


Frenchette received 3 stars from the New York Times, and topped many of the Best of 2018 lists. Nasr and Hanson, now sufficiently mature enough to be called “old masters” by New York Magazine, look forward to new projects in 2019 and continuing to work with the food and people that inspire them daily.


Instagram: @leehanson66 / @riadnasr / @frenchettenyc