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Medhi Brumet-Benkritly

Chef, Fedora and Bar Sardine

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Mehdi Brumet-Benkritly grew up in French-speaking Quebec, where he would later work at renowned Montreal restaurants including Toque. After staging in Paris and Burgundy, he returned to Montreal, where he worked at the legendary Au Pied de Cochon for several years. During his time there, he struck up a friendship with visiting restaurateur Gabriel Stulman. When Gabriel's Happy Cooking restaurant group opened Fedora, Mehdi moved to NYC to serve as the chef, later becoming the chef at sister restaurant Chez Sardine when it opened down the block in 2012. Mehdi now serves as the chef at both Fedora and Bar Sardine. He is crazy about tennis and has a life-long love of Batman.