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Mario Cairo


My name is Mario Cairo. I was born in Las Matas de Farfán, in the southern part of the Dominican Republic. As long as I can remember, art has been part of my being. I have a special affinity for the sea, nature, and wildlife, and these elements are those that usually move my creativity and passion to create my pieces. I prefer to paint on skateboards, not canvas, because I have been a skater as long as I have been an artist. My influences come mostly from modern and urban art, and the experimental sides of both. I also love “costumbrismo,” especially that which depicts traditional life in the Dominican Republic and its landscapes. Most of the artists that influence my art are Henry Marquese, Bido, Revok, Pose, Obey, Eric Abel, Spencer Reynolds, and Tom Veiga. 


2011 Blues Skies Ahead, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 

2013 Refugio (Refuge), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 

2015 Ink and Markers, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 

2016 Isla (Island), Brooklyn, New York 


2009 Wall Ride, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 

2015 Wall Ride, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Website: www.mariocairo.com

Instagram: @mcairo83