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Amit Shimoni



It all started in 2014, one hot day in art school…


It was two weeks before I had to present my final project, and I had.... nothing!


I had the usual creative block. I did literally anything instead of working. I did the dishes, planted some plants, even painted my entire home. Eventually, I sat down and made some sketches to take my mind off my soon-epic-failure.


I took a well known political figure and turned him into a hipster. “This is kinda cool...” I thought. "Maybe I do have a final project”.


Fast forward to 2019


HIPSTORY has more than 50 characters, and counting! I’m so humbled that people from all over the world have my illustrations in their homes.


I was even lucky enough to start my own little studio, so I can work with three people I really love and bring my dog with me to work every day.


Some cool things that happened along the way-


I got to illustrate the Prime Minister of Norway for her 2017 election campaign and made the #GoVote campaign in Mexico;

I got to donate some of my artworks for charity in some cool auctions;

I got to work with some of my favorite magazines and the New York Times even asked me to ‘hipstorize’ Hillary Clinton!

Here are some other collaborations I got to do.


One thing I’m super proud of!


History teachers from all over the world use my illustrations in the classroom to reach their kids. When I first heard this, I was so happy that my work can create this kind of communication!


Whether it’s a postcard on a twenty-something’s fridge or displayed in the Danish Parliament -  I’m always amazed that people across ages, sexes, and backgrounds can interact with my art.


For me HIPSTORY is an ongoing project -  I’m constantly working on it, and I can’t wait to see where next will it go!


Instagram: @hipstory_shimoni

Website: www.hipstoryart.com