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Jennifer Moody


Jennifer Moody (b. 1954) is a native New Englander, now a resident of Summerville, SC. She is a graduate of The School of the Worcester Art Museum and studied life drawing and portraiture both privately and at Rhode Island School of Design.


During her 38-year career as a graphic designer she worked a number of years in Omaha, Nebraska. It was there that she discovered the subject matter of disappearing signs. It became a passion, finding all that is fading, rusting, and disappearing. Most of the signs and buildings she painted since 1998 no longer exist.


Her professional interest in the power of typography and color led to an awareness of how those elements have been used to attract, persuade and direct on the streets of small towns. On a personal level, Jennifer enjoys sharing what old signs mean to her - memories of family travels, the promise of unusual treats, and the discovery of the unknown around the next corner, off the next highway exit.


In addition to signs, Jennifer draws and paints “comfortable portraits” and has explored light thru the dreamy lenses of Diana cameras. More of her work can be seen at http://jvmoody.wixsite.com/jennifermoody