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Franck Oysel

Executive Pastry Chef, Interim

Born and raised in France, Franck has been working in classic French pâtisseries with Master French Chefs since he was 15 years old. While he was not cooking, Franck often found himself teaching the art of the pastry world with young culinary students as well as people in his community. Not only has Franck gained an expansive knowledge, true understanding, and a remarkable ability, but he has also cultivated a rich passion for both sharing the exquisite artistry of the culinary arts as well as producing refined and balanced products, which aesthetically appeal to all the senses.


In 2006, Franck became as the Executive Chef de Pâtissiere with a master chocolatier at one of the poplar pâtisseries in the Jura region of France, Aux Plaisirs Sucrés (Poligny, France). 


In April 2014, Franck made a life changing to decision to move to America in order to marry the love of his life, an American who taught English in France and volunteered at the pâtisserie in Poligny the year before. 


Since October 2014, Franck has been working as the Executive Pastry Chef at Interim. Franck also worked as the Executive Pastry Chef at River Oaks for a year. During his time in Memphis, Franck has participated in the first Memphis Food and Wine Festival and as well the consecutive ones. Franck has also appeared in several Memphis Food and Wine magazines and been featured all over the city for his artistic culinary creations.


Not only has Franck learned English and become fluent since his move to America, but he has also actively shown how dessert can be both incredibly delicious and an art form. 


It is evident in Franck’s work ethic and presentation that he places high emphasis on producing both refined and balanced products, which aesthetically appeal to all the senses. Through his many years of training and professional experience, he has learned the ability to create a grand quantity of high quality desserts and culinary products that exhibit a true attention to taste, detail, and French artistry.


Instagram: @interimmemphis