Environment: PROD

Maria Vasconcelos


My work explores text, acronyms and colloquial expressions that are representative of particular nationalities. I am collecting words that hold a distinct significance and that are characteristic of cultures that I know well. Color is used in a symbolic way allowing it to emanate as much energy as the words themselves. The acronyms that I have chosen to depict come from actual text communication amongst teens. The speed of this communication is contrasted by the slow and meticulous process of the work itself. All of these words, whether they are text, expressions or acronyms represent parts of my own narrative.? 
Text is used repetitively and jumbled up making words seem illegible. The pattern is insistent and abstract similar to learning a new language. Repetition and color are meant to emphasize their physical presence. I place words together, either side by side, layered or weaved upon one another to create rhythm and flow. Groups of words are hung independently of each other to allow for unexpected outcomes dependent on the architectural space in which they are displayed.

Check our her artwork here.

Instagram: @mjvne