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Adam Dare


Adam Dare is a Brooklyn-born NYC street artist, bitten by the graffiti bug during the summer of 1980 as he watched a tag being left at the Park Circle skating rink. Since then he’s made his mark on walls, trains and tunnels with the tenacious drive he retains today.

Growing up in NYC, Dare was influenced by the turbulent and free spirited 70s and 80s, a exciting time in music, art and style. Now blending graffiti, hip-hop, punk and metal, his work is burnished with pop culture to create his signature aesthetic.

Since the second wave of NYC graffiti artists, he’s been best known for his Bunny, an icon he’s drawn since childhood. This heartbroken, blind bunny earned Dare the nickname "The Bunnyman" and inspired his slogan "Ain't about the money, All about the Bunny."

Integrating socially conscious street art with self-expressive imagery, Adam Dare’s work uses an emotive technique of mixed media, stencils and dark subject matter to cast his talent from NYC, Miami and LA to London, Berlin and Rome.