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Daniel Eddy

Chef/Owner, Walnut Street Cafe

Daniel Eddy began his culinary career in 2004. After 4 years of cooking in NYC, Eddy decided to trave, ultimately landing in Paris in 2009. There he had a chance to work with Daniel Rose (Le Cou Cou/Starr Restaurant) at his first acclaimed restaurant, Spring.


After three years at Spring, Daniel returned to home NYC, and in April of 2015 he opened Rebelle restaurant, receiving critical acclaim and a Michelin star in his first year, which he help onto until his departure in 2017.


Eddy has most recently opened Walnut Street Café, which has garnered a three bell review from the Philadelphia Enquirer, and listed in the Top 25 restaurants in Philadelphia for 2017.


At home, in Brooklyn, he can be found cooking for his family and friends.


Instagram: @chefdanieleddy / @walnutstcafe