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Jimmy Sheehan


Jimmy Sheehan was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to New York City at the age of 20 to study at the School of Visual Arts. He currently lives in Godeffroy, New York, where he is an art director and designer. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions over the past two decades in New York City and beyond. 


Sheehan's painting combines elements of gestural abstraction, drawing, and iconography in a very personal expression. At once epic and intimate, his work is infused with references from his personal life as well as aspects of ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations. The undefined setting, in a traditional sense, is surpassed by a unique element of a pronounced outline within the figures creating a provoking source of tension. In the vein of Twombly and Basquiat, Sheehan's lexicon of various signs and marks read on a metaphorical/archetypal level rather than according to any form of traditional iconography.


Mission • Originality comes from a place we haven’t been before. Movement of any kind is positive. When I stop creating, life seems harder. Being like water isn’t easy, but it is possible. That feeling I get when I know I’ve let go, to see where the flow will take me… aaaaahhh… a breath of fresh. To be appreciated all the time. Giving thanks for moments so far, as well as ones to come. Breaking free from fear to discover a place of rarity. Constant reminders of love help. Family matters. Never forget to breathe deep the feeling of life. Give back as much as you take, to keep the cycle moving.


Instagram: @bluecollarart

Website: www.jimmysheehan.com