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Aaron Bludorn

Executive Chef, Café Boulud

When New York City began to beckon Aaron Bludorn, he plotted the way young, ambitious chefs do – by opening the Michelin Guide to New York City and making notes in the margins of the pages. At the time he was cooking at Sonoma’s Cyrus restaurant, working under Michelin-starred Chef Douglas Keane. Keane weighed in during the process, lobbying Aaron to choose Chef Daniel Boulud.  In agreement that Boulud’s kitchens offered all the things he was seeking – an emphasis on excellence, high-quality cuisine, opportunity for growth and mentorship – Aaron flew to NYC to confirm for himself. After four days of trailing, observing and interacting with the group’s chefs, he’d found a new home in the kitchen of Café Boulud.


Prior to his arrival in New York City Aaron attended the Culinary Institute of America, and followed with an internship at Seattle’s fine dining house Canlis Restaurant. Aaron moved from Seattle to Napa in 2006 and spent three years at Cyrus Restaurant. During this time Cyrus receive two Michelin stars from the Michelin Guide to San Francisco. In 2009 he arrived to NYC and the kitchen of Café Boulud. Executive Chef Gavin Kaysen had recently taken the helm, and was in the midst of assembling a young, talented team. Aaron worked his way up, from fish station, to Sous Chef, to Chef de Cuisine, and now Executive Chef, joining the ranks of Andrew Carmellini, Alex Lee, and of course, Daniel Boulud.

Of Café Boulud’s legacy and future he says, “Café Boulud is an unparalleled place to cook and learn – it is rich in history, but evolving every day. It’s classic but creative, elegant but adaptable.”