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Adam Umbach




Light, color and space define Adam Umbach’s work. Born outside of Chicago in 1986, Umbach’s passion for painting started at an early age. At age six he began private painting lessons, and at 10 he was gifted a membership to the Art Institute. Influenced by a creative upbringing and early art education, he was led to study at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.


After graduating in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a concentration in painting, Umbach returned to Chicago. While establishing himself, he met city columnist and artist Thomas J. O’Gorman. Their artistic synergies led to launching a popup gallery in 2012, known as Alice Galleries. For nearly three years they showed continually in Chicago while hosting a seasonal location in Dark Harbor, ME.


In 2016, Umbach move East Hampton, NY were he quickly fell in-love with the unique light on the eastern end of Long Island, as had so many artists. The geography allowed him to expand his creative process and technique. Much of his imagery stems from childhood artifacts that are nostalgic in an imaginative nature.


Umbach’s emphasis on a minimalist approach to representation has landed the work into private collections internationally.

Instagram: @a_umbach

Website: aumbach.com/home.html