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Mary Kathryn Medlock


Hi! I’m MK. I am an emerging artist in Brooklyn, NYC. I have described myself as a process artist, which means the execution of what I am making is more important or as significant as the finished piece. I have a very joyous, loving, creative energy, even when I’m feeling sad and dark, somehow bright vibrant colors, strokes and textures appear on my canvas. Love is my super power, and that can be felt from my art, only original art has this vibe, the infusion of the feelings of the artist. I express my emotions through what I am making, and I have executed numerous projects in order to simply to get the intense urges out. I explore multiple mediums, print making, street art, painting, textile and digital designs, all of my creative endeavors come together under the “LOVEMKM” lifestyle brand. It means made with love, from Mary Kathryn Medlock. “LOVEMKM” is me, she is a lover, a dreamer, a woman, a beauty, an icon. My mission is to spread love through my artwork, fine and street, and fashion. The pieces I make can bring joy to everyone who views. I have been told by a gallery curator “MK brings a pink energy and light to everything she makes” and that was a grand compliment indeed. Pink light is universal loving energy, and to capture that in my work is my honor to share with the world.


Instagram: @lovemkm

Website: lovemkm.com