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Baruch Ellsworth

Pastry Chef, Canlis

Baruch grew up in South Bay San Diego and joined Canlis in the summer of 2011 as Pastry Chef after living and working in San Francisco for ten years.  After high school he attempted studies in Art and Architecture and not ever being a very good student, he made the choice to go into the Culinary Arts where he finally found a discipline.  


Attending the California Culinary Academy in 2002 he found himself as an extern in Daniel Humm's kitchen at Campton Place Hotel where he was then hired in his first "real" kitchen job.  Baruch moved through many stations over about three years and landed finally in the Pastry kitchen.  Over the years he had the opportunity to work and stage in many of the cities' best restaurants.  Most notably, The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton under Ron Siegel and being part of the opening team at Benu.  


In seven years Baruch has been both Pastry Chef and Executive Sous Chef for a short time.  He has been a part of articles featured in Wine Spectator, Art Culinaire, Food & Wine and The New York Times as well as being  honored by Star Chefs.


Instagram: @canlisrestaurant