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Matt D. Williams, better known as “Lambros” is a New York City Contemporary Artist focused on Stencil Art and Graffiti. Born in 1986 outside of San Francisco. Lambros spent his early life exploring countless creative mediums and honing his natural creative abilities that would later become his voice with the World of Street Art.


Primarily self taught, Lambros was able to bypass the traditional Art School route and instead moved directly to creating Artwork for some of the largest brands in the world (Nike, DC Comics, Fox, Warner Brothers, Air Jordan, the Barclay's Center, and many others).


Lambros’ signature style of stenciling pays homage to the Masters of 18th Century Engraving.  Lambros merges his meticulous aesthetic with elements from Art Nouvea, Modern Art, and Graffiti. Further, his trademark style is known worldwide for it’s recurring themes of Power, Lust and Rebellion. 


Website: www.lambrosart.com

Instagram: @lambrosart